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Tips and Tricks

Sighting In (with your Trophy Ridge® sight):

1. ASSEMBLE the sight and mount it on your bow.

2. ADJUSTING TORQUE out of the bow is a serious problem among many archers. There are many things that cause a bow to torque: buck fever, shooting out of a treestand, shooting on a side hill or shooting with a glove.

A number of our sights have a unique feature to allow the archer to identify torque: Trophy Ridge Torque Adjustment Feature. The following instructions detail how to use this feature. Draw the bow back and aim as usual. All the sight pins should be in a straight line. Because each archer holds his/her bow slightly different, there may be a need to adjust for hand torque. If so, simply loosen the top and bottom torque adjustment screws and adjust accordingly. Note the torque adjustment marks for precise tuning. Once adjusted, tighten the screws down firmly. You should never have to use these adjustments again. However, if you have to adjust the sight left or right an extreme amount, this will change your torque adjustment.

3. SIGHT PIN ADJUSTMENT has gotten easier since Trophy Ridge developed its line of "No Tools Adjustment" sights. No more allen wrenches are needed! Trophy Ridge has already set your sight pins in their preferred positions. But, because of different trajectories from different bows, there will be some adjustments. We recommend leaving the top pin where it is and sighting it in by adjusting the vertical and horizontal knobs. Now the rest of the pins can be sighted in. Release the appropriate cam-lock by pulling it down. Move the sight pins with appropriate individual micro adjustment (up to move the pin down and vise-versa). Once adjusted, replace the cam-lock back to the locked position.

4. SIGHT LEVEL: There is no need to adjust the sight level bubble. You have already adjusted the bow torque out with the torque adjustment feature. This in conjunction with the bubble mounted perpendicular to the sight pins result in an automatic leveling system.