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Quivers - Torsion Quiver

    • AQ1300 (Camo)
    • AQ1300B (Black)

We don’t look at a quiver as just another accessory; we take the design very serious, because we know people that hunt with Trophy Ridge equipment demand the absolute best. The all-new Torsion Quiver weighs virtually nothing and features the most universal quick detach bracket imaginable. Adjustments can be made to customize the mount according to your arrow length and can be moved in and out for a tight fi t against your bow. The quiver hood will never dull or deploy your broadheads and also features a hanging rope so that you can hang the quiver in the tree next to you.

  • Features
  • Featuring our Balistix Copolymer System
  • Quick detach bracket
  • Hang rope (hang your bow or just the quiver when detached)
  • Customizable mounting bracket allows you to mount the quiver higher or lower and closer or further from your bow
  • Dual arrow grippers