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Shed Season

Shed Season!
By Jason Herbert

Spring is just around the corner and it’s a perfect time of year to get outside. Take advantage of the nice weather we’ve had and do a little post season scouting. Better yet, let your inner caveman out for a while and look for a few shed antlers. Humans have a deep seeded, primitive fascination with antlers and horns. Just look on cave paintings from thousands of years ago to prove that man’s enchantment with deer headgear is nothing new.

Post season scouting

Spring Turkey Scouting

Spring Turkey Scouting
by Jason Herbert

The “boom” of my shotgun startled the otherwise quiet spring woods. The old tom came in silent, and neither of us made a sound until I coaxed one obligatory gobble out of him. I didn’t want the season to pass without hearing at least one sweet call of spring.