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Spring Stand and Trail Prep By Pro-Staffer Jason Herbert

Spring stand and trail prep
By Pro-Staffer Jason Herbert

Spring is the perfect time of year to start preparing fall tree stand locations and trails. It doesn't take much; a chainsaw (if available), pruners, weedwhip, and possibly some wire or rope.

Spring Turkey Scouting

Spring Turkey Scouting
by Jason Herbert

The “boom” of my shotgun startled the otherwise quiet spring woods. The old tom came in silent, and neither of us made a sound until I coaxed one obligatory gobble out of him. I didn’t want the season to pass without hearing at least one sweet call of spring.

Shed Season

Shed Season!
By Jason Herbert

Spring is just around the corner and it’s a perfect time of year to get outside. Take advantage of the nice weather we’ve had and do a little post season scouting. Better yet, let your inner caveman out for a while and look for a few shed antlers. Humans have a deep seeded, primitive fascination with antlers and horns. Just look on cave paintings from thousands of years ago to prove that man’s enchantment with deer headgear is nothing new.

Post season scouting

The "Almost Buck" by Trophy Ridge Prostaffer Dan Schultz

The “Almost” Buck

My quest for a self filmed buck with my bow was almost fulfilled on an early November afternoon in 2009. After spending the day with my son at a model train show, I took advantage of the crisp, clear weather and hunted at my grandfather’s. It was kind of day where the deer activity is non-stop and you even have trouble just getting to the stand. I love those days!

Hunting Hardcore....My Way part 2 or Gate to the Promised Land by Trophy Ridge Prostaffer Dan Schultz

Gate To The Promised Land?
The drive seemed to take forever, when in actuality, it was only twenty five minutes from my driveway. I knew the way well, and found myself pushing the Suburban like a NASCAR, every corner bringing me closer to the finish line. But instead of a trophy, my reward is hunting land.
To say I was eager to check out this new spot would be an understatement. What wonders awaiting me on the other side of this gate?

Hunting Hardcore....My Way by Trophy Ridge Prostaffer Dan Schultz

Welcome to my Deer Diary…a blog following me, Trophy Ridge Pro Staffer Dan Shultz, in my hunting antics! Now first off, don’t get all excited thinking you will be following me as I hunt prime whitetail states in search of Booner after Booner, because that isn’t quite happening…although I can dream about it! Nope..Instead, this blog will take a different direction, one I think, and hope, will connect with a majority of readers and Trophy Ridge customers.  

Stand Placement

Stand Placement   by Jason Smith Whitetail Properties

Only 5 Days to Hunt

Only 5 Days to Hunt     By Michael Hunsucker Heartland Bowhunter

When do you hunt?

Only 5 Days to Hunt

When Do I Hunt      by Kyle Wieter

Only 5 Days to Hunt

Only 5 Days to Hunt     by Marc Anthony