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Bow Sights - Hit-Man 3

  • The Front Fiber Optic Ring soaks up every bit of available light while the No-Snag Fiber Routing System keeps your fiber optics safe from damage.

  • Contrast Glo Ring with spectral distribution technology helps you effortlessly align the peep to the sight ring.

  • Sight Light Housing accepts the exclusive Trophy Ridge Rheostat Sight Light and channels the light through the fiber optics.

  • Bow Sights - Hit-Man 3
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    • AS203

When you hear the name Hit-Man®, you think of precision, stealth and lethal accuracy. These feature-packed sights were designed with those attributes in mind. When you have one shot, there's only one choice – the Hit-Man.

  • Features
  • Reversible Sight Mount
    Designed for use with left or right hand bows.
  • Rheostat Sight Light Included
  • 100% Aluminum Construction
  • Ultra Bright .019 Fiber Optic Pins
  • Sight Level With Third Axis Adjustability
  • Zero Pin Gap Spacing