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Bow Sights - Firewire V5

  • The Front Fiber Optic Ring soaks up every bit of available light while the No-Snag Fiber Routing System keeps your fiber optics safe from damage.

  • Metal Injection Molded (MIM) Pins adjust without tightening or loosening set screws. Simply use a hex wrench to micro adjust each pin.

  • Trophy Ridge Tic Pins provide an extra reference to help you find the pin you need quicker – especially in low-light, ground blind situations.

  • Contrast Glo Ring with spectral distribution technology helps you effortlessly align the peep to the sight ring.

  • Bow Sights - Firewire V5
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    • AS305R (Right Hand)

The Firewire V5 sights are rugged, precise instruments. The Exclusive Trophy Ridge® Vertical In-Line Pins provide a clearer, unobstructed view of your target. Use the vertical aiming system to tuck the pins behind the front shoulder, choose your distance, and shoot with complete confidence.

  • Features
  • Composite Sight Housing
  • Ultra Bright .019 Fiber Optic Pins
  • Sight Level With Third Axis Adjustability