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Arrow Rests - Quick Shot

  • Arrow Rests - Quick Shot
    • AWB100S (RH/LH Small Black)
    • AWB100M (RH/LH Med Black)
    • AWB100L (RH/LH Large Black)

Our aluminum-encased Whisker Biscuits are 300% stronger than previous models. And, we've added a rock-solid, dual-bolt mount and a set screw* for even more secure, "locked-down" mounting.
*Set Screw on Sure Shot Pro and Sure Shot models only.

Easy to set up
The Whisker Biscuit's design makes setup easier than ever before. Attach the Whisker Biscuit® to your riser mounting holes and it automatically lines up the arrow rest. And most models are designed for use with left and right hand bows.

Its lightweight, compact design provides maximum clearance around quivered arrows.

  • Features
  • Windage adjustment
  • Composite-encased biscuit - 150% stronger than previous models
  • Reference marks
  • Custom rubber boots silence arrow loading
  • Designed for use with left and right hand bows

Questions you've asked

"How do imitation capture rests compare to the Whisker Biscuit?"
There is no other "full" capture rest on the market. The Whisker Biscuit is the original and only full-capture rest. While other knock-offs provide sub-standard or partial containment, the Whisker Biscuit delivers 100% full-containment of your arrow – every time, all the time. Your arrow will stay where it belongs – on the rest.

"Does it work in cold weather?"
The Whisker Biscuit's performance is not affected by the cold. From the heat of Africa to the frozen tundra's of Alaska, the Whisker Biscuit delivers consistent performance regardless of outside temperature.

"Does it affect accuracy?"
Take a look at the video from Brian "Pigman" Quaca as he tests out the accuracy of a Whisker Biscuit. See him shoot a 3½ in. group in excess of 100 yards.

"Does it cause significant speed loss?"
No. That is what our competition wants you to think. The truth is the Whisker Biscuit does not cause speed loss. The Whisker Biscuit continues to be the most accurate and dependable full capture arrow rest – ever.


Arrow Rests - Quick Shot Video